Metatags Generator

Metatags Generator

The Original Meta Tags Code Generator

It’s not that difficult to make meta tags but we’ve made it simple for you by offering you this free metatags generator or wizard (Free Meta Tag Builder & Fetcher). By filling out all the sections of this code generator wizard it will create perfect meta tags. Than add the meta tags in the html or php source of your website.


Free Meta Tag Generator

Use this handy online wizard and “copy & paste” the meta tags into the HTML of the source of your index page. After adding the meta tags to your page, check if the meta tags are correct by using the Website Analyzer.
No need to create metatags with the metatags generator if you use a CMS system. The CMS will create the metatags for you.

Overview of all metatags- list of meta tags - html metatags source code
The Original Meta Tags Code Generator

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  • The title of your web-page. Think of a captivating title for your website. This is the first line that will be displayed in a search result.
  • A short description between 50–160 characters of your web-page. This appears 1-on-1 in the search results.
  • The Robots Tag tells to the search engine spider which pages you want him to index. The index, follow is the best default SEO setting.

Don’t make the title longer than 60 characters.
More about the Title Tag

Add a different description for every page of your website.
More about the Description Tag

Use the index-follow tag so that the search engine spider will go through every page of your website.
More about the Robots Tag

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