Fix My Description Tag

Fix My Description Metatags

The Meta name Description is an HTML element that summarizes your web page. Search engines typically show the Meta description in search results below your Title tag. Unfortunately if your description tag is compelling, no one will click on it. So we get a lot of questions on how to fix my description tag.

Google uses the Meta description as a ranking signal. It has a massive effect on your page CTR because it shows up in search results. A well written Meta description is a small ad with a clear call to action.

Things to keep in mind when you create a description tag:

  • add a content specific description tag to each and every one of your pages
  • a description tag can’t exceed 160 characters
  • add a focus keyword to the description tag that is related to the content of that page
Overview of all metatags- list of meta tags - html metatags source code

What can I do to fix my desctription tag?