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We’re working on a new analyzer.

We expect it to launch in September. Until that time please use our old one: analyzer.metatags.org

Metatags Analyzer Report

Metatags check for {{domain.com}}

After checking your website and your metatags we have the following advice:

Your focus keyword  {{example}}  has not been used properly on this page.

Make sure your focus keyword is part of the title, description tag and appears in the first paragraph of your webpage.

The website has a good title. Feel free to use up to 60 characters.

This title tag contains {{56}} characters.

This description tag contains too many characters. This tag contains {{260}} characters.

This title tag contains {{260}} characters. Too many for what we would consider a ‘robot friendly” web page. We advice to keep it under 160 characters.

Your website is {{not loading fast enough}}. Consider smaller images or make the source code of your website more search engine friendly.

The size of the web page is {{123456}} bytes.

How will your website appear in the search engines?


Example Title Snippit
Example description from the official website for Example.
Synonyms for example with free online thesaurus and antonyms.

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