Twitter Tags

Twitter Tags

SEO with 140 characters

Try to maintain consistent communication and include similar keywords you use on your website. Remember that hashtags play the role of keywords for Twitter; they improve your searchability and help people find your content.

Therefore, turn your essential keywords into hashtags because thanks to them, each one of your tweets will appear in the Twitter search for a specific topic and in the Twitter’s Trends Feed.

How to Rank with Twitter

Start with keyword research. Find the most effective keywords for your business and use them as #hastags.

Optimizing your Twitter profile will provide you with long-term searchability. Keeping your username and handle consistent across all of your social channels with your brand name and website maximizes your findability.

Avoid using numbers within your username and handle because it might seem spammy to Google.

Use the Title and Description tag

You want to add a link to your webpage in a tweet? You type the URL and twitter creates a so calles snippet.

This snippet is based on your information. Your metatags will show up in the little clickable example screen. So make sure you fill out your title, the description tag and the featured image.

One of the best Twitter SEO tips you can follow is to apply content marketing to your Twitter page. Do that by publishing posts relevant to your niche.

To publish a post, just launch the site, and a “start a post” section will appear at the very top of the homepage.

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