SEO Tips

SEO Tips

Build A Better Website

Very often we get a lot of questions about web design. We offer on our SEO Tips pages several manuals, tips and extra information on how to design your website and optimize it for the search engines.

We offer step by step explanations how to add different file’s or HTML source code.


SEO Tips - create metatags

Why Use Metatags

How to start

We will teach you the basics about Meta tags and their functions. Learning why you need them and how to create Meta tags is essential for your companies web site ranking.

Design Tips

Rank your website

Before you start building a house, you come up with a layout. Dining room on the right, 3 bedrooms on the top floor and so on. All to make it liveable.

Before you build a website the same approach applies: make sure visitors can find you, navigate thru your site and find the order button.


Metatags in CMS

Rank your website

Back in the days the only way to add metatags to your website was by FTP. Nowadays we have these great CMS systems that offer SEO solutions or a plugin to optimize your website.

You don’t need to have any knowledge of HTML or coding. All SEO plugins offer the possibility to add a title and description tag to each page. They give you more insight on how to improve your ranking by adding a focus keyword or add more content to a page

Social Media

Rank your website

Social Media can be beneficial for your website SEO. Google has confirmed that content and inbound links are the 2 of the most important factors when ranking a website in the search results.

Social media helps promote your content. One of the most important functions of social media is sharing this content. It offers you the opportunity to promote relevant content through news channels and your target group, giving your brand a boost.
Also use social media for link building:

  • include links to the website in your social media profile
  • share all of your content via social media

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