Website Audit & Scan

Website Audit & Scan


We’ve all heard the stories. Successful websites, leads pouring in and an online shop making lots of profit.

Whether you’re in Business to Business or Business to Consumer, at the end of the day People are doing business with People, P2P. We will help you build a brand that can be trusted. Combine offline and online for real engagement. A holistic content marketing approach.

How does an audit work?

Over the years we found a growing gap between marketing experts using quite a bit of lingo on one side. And the business owner on the other side. There a lot of free tools and free analyzers out there. But let’s be honest: if the engine light starts blinking in your car and you bring it to the shop.

Do you want the mechanic to tell you in detail what the problem is. Or just a general idea plus a quote if he or she is going to fix it for you?

We took this as an approach to a website audit. Explain in clear English what your website needs to preform better. To outrank the competition. So we created an audit that breaks down in to the following understandable subjects:

  • In-Depth Review
    We’ll check everything there is to check. Starting at the homepage we’ll work our way down the pages and information on your website. Your website should provide the best possible experience for users and search engines. We look for a fast-loading website with very little coding errors and no obstacles for search engines.
  • Metatags
    Are all the titles and description tags in place. And what a robot never can: does the words make sense?  Does every page have a high conversion text and is your description worth clicking. A site optimized for search engines brings more visitors to your site who are actively interested in your content. We review your website to find where you can improve to get better results from search engines.
  • What does Google say?
    Like it or not: Google has over 2000 points your need to comply with. We review how well your content is doing according to Google and Bing.
  • Popularity
    This shows you how popular your site is as related to the number of backlinks it gets and how much traffic it receives. Backlinks are links to your website from other sites on the internet, and getting links from good websites is important for higher rankings.
  • Social
    Your website’s social signs; the metrics you see are how many times your site has been shared and liked or followed, which is an indicator of the quality of content you’re sharing on these sites.
  • Local
    Last year, the Google My Business team has been testing and rolling out more new local search features than ever before.Local search encompasses all those nifty search terms that scream local, such as “lawyers near me” or “doctors in city name”
  • Mobile
    Performing poorly on a mobile device can affect your traffic and make you lose potential visitors.

Comprehensive Site Scan

Every small or multi-location business can grow and attract more clients by using SEO strategies.
It all starts with a comprehensive website audit and site scan.

You don’t have to be an expert to:
→ Understand your site SEO issues
→ Update your Metatags,
→ Address Technical Issues
→ Increase Mobile Visibility
→ Understand a Google Scan
→ Start improving your site
→ Use a organic search strategy 

Your website scan comes with step-by-step instructions to put your SEO plan into action – without the need for experts. Receive a full report in your e-mail inbox within 5 business days. Select your upgrade option for a larger website or for faster delivery.

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