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How to add Meta tags to your website (place meta tags)

Put metatags in your Source

Here you will find all the information about how to add meta tags to an existing website. We now assume you have some basic knowledge about building a web-page, HTML and internet programs. To make changes to your page you need :

  1. a FTP program, to transfer files to and from your server to your computer
  2. User name and password of your server
  3. A simple text editing program like Simpeltext or Notepad

Frequently Asked Question

  • Question : "I have no clue, what am I supposed to do now?"
  • Answer:  ask a friend that has some internet knowledge or even better: hire a website builder! Also your server provider  can help you. If you use a CMS system, ask the supplier of the program for help.

Steps - Where to place meta tags - meta tags head or body ?

Adding meta tags to the body of your page is not very difficult, but it has to be done in an accurate way. Otherwise it might be possible that your website is not working properly anymore.

  1. Always make a backup of your website. Now you are able to replace the file with a copy if something goes wrong.
  2. Make relevant meta tags by using our online Meta tags Code Generator
  3. Make a FTP connection with your web server
  4. Obtain the index.htm or index.html file
  5. Open this file with Notepad or SimpleText or a HTML editor

    New Document </TITLE>


    Test text
  6. Copy and past the meta tags between  <HEAD> </HEAD> part in the source of your page
  7. Save the page
  8. Replace the index file with FTP on the web server
  9. Check your web page with our Meta tags Analyzer
  10. Repeat step 1 to 9 to add meta tags to all the pages of your website

So it's not that difficult to add meta tags to your website.


Next step: use our online Meta tags Code Generator to generate a correct HTML file to add meta tags to your website.

Meta tags Summary - Important SEO things to remember

Place the meta tags in every single page of your website.
  1. Read why meta tags are important and how they affect the search engines.
  2. Use our meta tags generator to create the correct meta tags.
  3. Use our website analyzer to get professional advice from the meta tags experts.
  4. Submit your website to the search engines and choose one of our packages:
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