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What is Mobile SEO ?


mobile website seo siteonmobiMobile SEO should be a matter of increasing visibility of your website, not only in mobile search engines but on the actual mobile and often touch-enabled devices themselves.

There are differtent mobile search engine results depending on the type of phone you use. Google confirmed that mobile-specific page types do get tracked separately and are included within the results if searched on a non smartphone device versus what you see on for example an iPhone or an Android phone. These are the pages you need to set up correctly for Googlebot Mobile to both find and include in these feature phone search results.

Smartphone search results themselves are pulled from the main index directly, which mirror what you would get from a desktop search but with implied location intent, as an emphasis is placed on local results. This is where local SEO becomes important.

It's also a matter of rendering correctly for mobile devices, which Google has affirmed is a factor for being included or dismissed from the mobile index used for feature phones. A real mobile website should be simple, to the point and touch-friendly.

Add SEO to each page of your mobile site


Improve the ranking of your mobile site in search engines by adding specific keywords to each active feature on your mobile site. You can add up to 6 keywords via the Advanced Options area of each feature.

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