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What is the meaning of the meta name="verify-v1" (Google meta tag)


This Google Web Master Tool-specific meta tag is used on the top-level page of your site to verify ownership of a site in web master tools (alternatively you may upload an HTML file to do this). The content value you put into this tag is provided to you in your web master tools account. Please note that while the contents of this meta tag (including upper and lower case) must match exactly what is provided to you, it does not matter if you change the tag from XHTML to HTML or if the format of the tag matches the format of your page.
google meta name verify - Almost no influence

This verification has no influence on the results of your page in the index, not on your Page Rank.

Google came up with several ways to check and verify if you are the owner of the website.

For example it is possible to:

  • add a metatag to your start page that only Google uses, with this you can prove that you have access to the source of the page.  If you want to use this technique, you have to be able to access and modify the HTML code on your web page. An example of this metatag if shown below :

    <meta name="verify-v1" content="AsRLsdfgh1Oq9Pwcnm">
  • upload a HTML-file with an unique name to your server. If you want to use this technique to have to be able to upload new files to your server.
  • add a DNS record in the TXT-classification. If you wish to use this technique, you have to have access to the DNS of your domain host or hosting provider and add a new DNS record.
  • add the Google Analytics code that you use to track data on your website. If you want to use this option you have to login to your Google Analytics account as a webmaster and add the tracking code with the asynchrone code fragment.

All this can be done by logging in to your webmaster help program.  

<meta name="verify" - Meta tags Summary - Important SEO things to remember

To notify Google that you are the owner of the website, you can add the meta name="verify-v1" tag in the source of your page. This is just one of the options you can use.

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