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Special Meta tag for Internet Explorer 8


In December 2007 the new Microsoft internet browser was presented and passed the Acid2 test. A common way to test the compatibility of an internet browsers.

Developer Chris Wilson posted on the Explorer a problem with the browsers 'super standards'.

Microsoft Corp. hopes to balance backward compatibility with Web standards in Internet Explorer (IE) 8 by enabling a new, optional "super standards" mode in the browser. The new mode, which Wilson said would be turned on by inserting a single "meta" element, will be in addition to the existing "quirks mode" that debuted in IE6 and the "standards mode" unveiled with IE7."We believe this approach has the best blend of allowing Web developers to easily write code to interoperable Web standards while not causing compatibility problems with current content," said Wilson


The solution : meta tags !


The idea is to implement a meta tag in the source of a web page which allows the web developers to specify the browser engine to render the page with - for example, if you specify IEv8, when IEv9+ comes out, it is rendered with the same, prior, version of IE, v8. The goal of the standard would also to be allow multiple browsers to utilize this same functionality so that Firefox, Safari and the rest could also use this to render pages in prior engines for their product line (so I could specify IEv8, FFv2 and Safari v3, for example). On internet you will find many discussions about this new solution but it's a fact that you are able to solve this by adding one simple line in the source of your page.

The implementation you may use in the source of your page looks like this :

meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8"




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