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PAY ATTENTION if you use Frames !

A frame set divides e.g. your website in a menu structure on the left of the page and the content on the right side. Using a frame set was very popular with website builders in the Nineties. A frame set gave the possibility to manage the content on your website more easily and presenting your website more clearly.

You will find the so called NoFrames-tag in the source of your frame set. This NoFrames-tag is situated all the way on the bottom, so you will NOT find it in the HEAD-part of the source of the website!

SRC="linkerframe.html" NAME="links">
SRC="rechterframe.php" NAME="rechts">

     here you place the noframe tag
     it is a powerfull line of text to draw attention.

What is the best solution ?

Avoid using framesets  !


If you do use frames and the index.html or main file of the website (which is the file with the <FRAMESET>-tags) doesn't contain a description or has a poor description, use the <META>-tags on this page to add a relevant and correct description for your website that offers search engine spiders to add your website. It's for your own benefit!

The search engine AltaVista will show the no-frame tag as the description in their index. Make sure that your no-frame tag is a relevant and attractive description!

Frameset Construction

If you have no meta tags on your website, many search indexes use the first 150 to 250 letters text on your homepage or index page. This usually does not show what you WANT to be added to the search engines....That's why we use <META> tags.

You have to add at least the next 2 tags that will be very IMPORTANT:

<META name="description" content="Add your relevant description in 200 letters">

<META name="keywords" content="20, most, important, keywords, your, website">

Nowadays many people use only one layout, e.g. a stylesheet. The website will be filled with information from a database. This is called a content management system. It makes managing your website very easy but there is not much freedom in choosing the layout, which regularly is a fixed layout.

Every working method had it's advantages and it's disadvantages. A disadvantage for using a frame set is that search engines index all the separate frames, that are part of a frame set.

In the picture alongside we describe the problem. Only the information in the orange frame is added to the index of the search engine.

We offer a 2 step solution so that search engines will not index your website incorrect :
1) make sure that a spider of a search engines is not able to index your web page any further than the frame set. Use the so called index-nofollow tag. To make a correct index-no-follow tag use our online wizard

2) add a small piece of java scripting on the pages, except on the frame set. This leads your visitors, that have entered a frame page, to the correct frame set page. By using this script the browser checks if the presented page is allowed to be shown.

Now we present a script as an example. Adjust the parts in red  and replace them with the URL of your own website.


<!-- Hide script
if ( top.location == self.location ) {
top.location.href = "";


Place this after the following codes in your HTML:



Obviously you are able to change the"top.location.href" line and point out what action you want realized. What if you made a special Chinese frame set on your website but you don't want the visitor to be redirected to :

Than change the href to :

top.location.href = "";

Always avoid that the script starts a loop, so page 1 has to be redirected to page 2 and page 2 has to be redirected to page 1.

Important objections to use frames

  • Search engines are not able to handle frames. Search results will refer to the document with the relevant information, regardless if the document is part of the frame set or not.
  • This could lead to the fact that the visitor isn't presented with the menu or navigation that should be part of that document.
  • Bookmarks don't seem to work properly. It is possible to bookmark a sub document separately, but once the page is opened again, the context of the main document is gone.
  • Frequently it's not possible to print a page with frames.
  • Fold out menu's are only presented in their own frame. This leads to the fact that the sub items will not appear in the navigation menu on the main page.




Meta tags Summary - Important SEO things to remember

Avoid the use of frame sets  !
  1. Read why meta tags are important and how they affect the search engines.
  2. Use our meta tags generator to create the correct meta tags.
  3. Use our website analyzer to get professional advice from the meta tags experts.
  4. Submit your website to the search engines and choose one of our packages:
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