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What is a Favicon ico and how should you use it

Many times we get the question about an error which can be found in your statistic program. You designed a nice website but everyday you get a 404-not found for the favicon.ico file
What does this file mean?

The favicon.ico file is a little picture e.g. with a logo of a company which is placed just before the internet URL in your web browser. Almost all the well known browsers like Internet Explorer 5+, Mozilla Firefox, Netscape 7.0+ en Opera 7.0+ support and show this mini logo.

If your website doesn't have this icon you will get an error on every visited web page.
This favicon.ico must be 16 by 16 pixels. If it's larger or smaller, it will be ignored and it won't be shown. You can create this icon by using a icon editor with an online generator or just by using Photoshop.

Don't forget to upload this favicon.ico file to your web server. Just place it in the root directory, in the www directory.
Finally you must link the icon to the HEAD section of all the pages on your website. For this use the link-tag.

This is the title of my website.</title>
<link rel
="shortcut icon" href="/favicon.ico" type="image/x-icon" />

The code 'href=/favicon.ico' contains a /  This indicates that the favicon.ico is placed in the root directory. 




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