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How to Create Meta tags for your website ( Metadata Editing )


We will teach you the basics about Meta tags and their functions. Learning how to create Meta tags is essential for your companies web site ranking.

Many search systems and search engines use lists with results in alphabetical order. IF you want to be named as one of the first in the list or index, think of a title that starts with the letter A,B or C. Make a phrase that makes sense otherwise the system operator will change it.

WRONG : AAAAA Cleaning company Thomson

CORRECT : Answering questions about meta tags is our goal.

In theory it's possible to type all meta tags, but you need some experience. It's better to start small, then you'll understand what you're typing and from there you'll go on.


A simple start - step by step instructions to make meta tags


In our example we use the most simple HTML we can think of:

The title and some text.

You will have to place the meta tags in the HEAD part of your page. On this test page we want to sell wooden garden furniture. We start simply by making a title, keywords and a description. Take a look at our example: This is only a example, very simple, you'll understand the meaning. Making meta tags is a precise work.

metatags in notepad

Don't use popular words like computers, travel, books, gifts or consultancy. The number of hits are numerous. Give some extra relevant information and the changes of a hit will increase. Always keep in mind that a visitor will pick your site if the properties of the product equal his search word. The right choice of words will increase the hits (max. 25 words).

Use our free online meta tags code generator to make correct meta tags.

Many of the search indexes are using the first 150-250 letters in the text of your homepage or index page. Most likely, the page doesn't show what you would like shown in the search engines index. That's why we use meta tags.


Two meta tags are very important :

<META name="description" content="A short description in 200 characters of your web-page.">

<META name="keywords" content="put, at, least, 20, important, keywords, here">


We have made some examples of how to create meta tagsexamples of how to create meta tags

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