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Search Engine Bing and Metatags


Bing is Microsoft's new search engine. However, Bing prefers to call itself  "decision engine".  Which means, Bing helps you to make a dicision.  Bing is the successor to Live Search, Hotmail Search and MSN Search. With the launch of a new search engine it will take a while to see how it responds to a website.  Microsoft has published a PDF with useful information about search engine optimization for their new search engine Bing. You can download this white paper for free from our web page.

  Download Bing White paper

The opinion of the creators of the search engine Bing state the following with regard to those important metatags :

What do I need to do for SEO with Bing?
Web masters can easily do this by adding unique titles and meta descriptions to each page. If web masters don’t provide search engines with good, keyword-oriented, well-written caption source data, the resulting captions created by algorithm, no matter how hard we try, won’t represent your website as well as those websites whose web masters did provide this unique and important data.

Bing appreciates your site more if you add metatags. You can affect your listing with Bing immediately. The title and the  meta description tag are very affected because it is displayed as text in the search results. So make sure your metatags are unique for each page and make sure they are inviting to click on. Along with a relevant html title tag, these few lines of text in a search result should persuade the user to click on your link .


the title and the meta description tag are both published by Bing.


It is like A B C !  You perform a search task by filling out:

  • (A) certain keywords.  The results you will get is
  • (B) the title tag and
  • (C) the small text item, the description tag.

The use of a Bing XML-sitemap


Submitting your site map to Bing if your website is new, has been substantially changed, or has added any new rich media content, is also very helpful. A site map is a page or file that consists of all links of a web page which are normally sorted by importance. Site maps enables web masters to tell the search engines which pages on their website can be crawled.  The simplest form of a site map is an XML-file with a list of URL's of the site. How you can make a site map is described on


Another reason why you should submit your site to Bing


Why is it so important that your website also scores with Bing? Bing is a product of Microsoft (they have sufficient funds to battle with Google) and they advertise on national television almost every day. Why would you go through all this trouble adding metatags to your website and optimize your website for Bing? For example nowadays all search results for Facebook are controlled or powered by Bing. More and more people are using Facebook so it is important that your website is submitted in Bing's index.


Submit your website to the search engines and Bing now!

Metatags and Bing - Where do I add them?


Bing actively supports use of meta-tags. You may add these meta-tags to all of your web pages, so not only in the first index page. Make sure that on every page relevant meta tags are added.  Add keywords and phrases that are relevant and correspond to the text and the language on that specific page. It might be a lot of work to add specific meta tags to each page but you will notice in time that it works! Then use to submit your website to the search engines.



Meta tags Summary - Important SEO things to remember

Did you know Bing uses it's own Meta-tags ? Read all about Bing nopreview tagthe Bing NoPreview Tag
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