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Become a reseller of the proven system

Become a reseller of the Meta tags system. It is free and can be done in three easy steps :

  1. Register your company online with

  2. Submit your own website in your  Metatags client account

  3. Send an email to the Metatags help desk requesting to activate your dealer account.  Depending on your revenue we will add a discount to your account and we will help you with website optimization and submit services.

Become a dealer or reseller

How will we communicate with our resellers ?


All communication will be by email between you as a reseller and We will never contact your client directly neither will we give any information to third parties. We will only submit the information supplied by the reseller to the search engines.

For example the name of your client is Wilson Inc who has the website

  • Log in to your dealer account
  • register your client and submit the website
  • as your email contact you will fill out
  • All communication will be by email so you will immediately notice the name of your customer.

Course is only an example. You can also use  As long as it is clear for you and you know which website we have submitted.

When we send you an email you can copy paste your company information in it so you will be able to make it look like the information is coming from you. This way you can resell the product to your own customers.


You want to become a Metatags dealer or reseller ?


Metatags offers you: Value Added Services

    Start with step 1) Register your company online at

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