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According to research Yahoo! still handles about 10% of the search requests. (Google 63%/Bing23%). As Bing owns Yahoo, and both produce similar results – it’s better to team them up. Often overlooked when it comes to SEO, Bing and Yahoo do possess potential to be a great platform.

Yahoo! uses the Bing search engine. So Bing and Yahoo! both work on Bing’s Search, leaving Yahoo more like a web portal than a full-fledged search engine.

Yahoo! just like Bing

For many years now, Yahoo search has been powered by Bing, meaning that at least 51% of Yahoo’s searches are relying on Bing’s index and ranking algorithm. If you run a few test searches yourself, you’ll see that the search results are very similar in Yahoo and Bing, which means optimizing for one will also work for the other.

Most popular ranking factors of Bing include:

  • user engagement
  • social signals
  • Bing Authorship
  • inbound anchor text
  • keyword domains
  • content and keyword density
  • site code and structure
  • onsite optimization.

Bing’s webmaster advised using the targeted keywords wherever possible. To rank better on Bing, use exact keywords.

Key Points to make your site Bing friendly

Make your website Bing Friendly and show up at the Yahoo results.

Marketshare USA


Yahoo! + AOL have 11.5%
marketshare in 2019

Comscore Insights Desktop 06/2019

HTML Code MetaTags Example

  1. viewport -> make sure it works on a mobile device
  2. title -> makes up for 20% your SEO
  3. description -> the CTA and 15% of your SEO

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