Metatags & Voice Search

Voice Search & Metatags

Voice Search & Metatags – the hot new trend in searching

Voice Search will play a more significant role. We are all familiar with Siri, Google Home, Amazon’s Echo and Alexa.

It is predicted that no less than 50% of all searches around the year 2020 will be conducted through voice search.

Voice Search Metatags

Voice Search & Metatags Key Takeaway

  1. Voice searches are different than searching on your desktop. Voice queries are longer than text queries. They tend to be three to five words and are usually asked as a question.
  2. The choice of words used in the question provides more context about user intent.
    Statistics show that most questions are asked in the who, how, when or where form.
  3. Adapt to voice search.
    Our marketing strategies should provide answers to questions across all formats from text search to voice search.

HTML Code MetaTags Example

  1. viewport -> make sure it works on a mobile device
  2. title -> makes up for 20% your SEO
  3. description -> the CTA and 15% of your SEO

Key Points On how Search Engines determine search results for voice search

Voice controlled devices can primarily give answers to search queries in two ways; they will state the answer to a question, or provide a website where it’s likely you’ll find the answer to a question.

  • People using voice search are often looking for a store, product or service near them
  • Spend time researching conversational queries about your products, services and industry
  • Long-tail keyword phrases are more important than ever
  • Add relevant content that answers the searcher’s intent
  • Because voice search is often local search, make sure your profile on Google Business is up-to-date

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