Meta name no-email

Meta Name No Email

< Meta Name ="no-email-collection"

The meta tags no-email-collection was an initiative. Sure, the die-hard spammer would not be stopped by this tag. This tag was mainly used to have a statement on your website: we don’t want you to harvest our email-address.

The meta tag contained a link to the page with your statement regarding spam runs and harvesting on your website.

Key Takeaway

This tag has no use whatsoever. Spammers don’t play by the rules.
What can you do now to stop spammers or bots harvesting your email?

  1. Use SpamArrest
    SpamArrest sends whoever is sending your an email an autoresponse asking them to verify they’re a real person by typing the letters in an image.
  2. Spell out your email address.
    Like in this example:  info-(at)
  3. Use a form for users to send you an email.
    And use Re-capcha for spam prevention
  4. Get a spamfilter on your email account

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The No Email Tag has 
no SEO influence!

HTML Code No Email Tag Example

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