Meta name author

Meta name author

< Meta Name = "author"

How to give credit to the person of company that made your website? You use the so called AUTHOR meta tag.

There are also Content Management Systems (CMS) that mention the name of the actual person editing the page. If used like this, it is easy to find the right person who is responsible for a web page.

Sometimes a CMS refers to the author as the writer of the content on a website and refers to the web-author as the mail server manager.

Key Takeaway

  1. Always add the Auhor tag in the HEAD section of your site.
  2. The author tag is now used as a Facebook meta tag. If you add the Facebook author tag on your site, it will display your name with a link back to your profile any time your article is shared.
    This is great for both single author blogs and multi-author blogs because it brings more exposure to your personal brand.

SEO Influence Meter


The (Facebook) Author tag has 
some SEO influence!

HTML Code Author Example

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