All Meta Tags - Overview

General Info on Metatags

Meta tags are part of the HTML tags that describe your page content to search engines and website visitors. The Meta tags appear only in the page’s code and anyone can check them via source code (Ctrl+U). We created an overview of meta tags that are still very important and those that have no longer any significance.

In short, Meta tags are key things for all search engines that appear in the HTML code of a website page and tells the search engine what the page is about. They are the first impression and point of contact for all search engines.

Overview of all metatags- list of meta tags - html metatags source code

Why Use Metatags?

In SEO (Search Engine Optimization) meta tags still play an important role. Especially the use of the title tag and meta description is very important.

These tags are shown by search engines as a small text item in the search results. Make sure that the meta tags on your website are unique for each and every page and try to make them as attractive as possible. Both a relevant title tag and the description tag will have to persuade a visitor to click on the link in the search results.

Important Metatags

The Title tag is the very first HTML element that specifies your web page for search engines and to visitors. The Title element supports all browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Explorer.

Unknown Metatags How do you explain your visitor in only 2 or 3 phrases what they can expect on your website? You use the so called meta description tag. Google speaks of Meta Description, Meta Descriptions or Meta description problems.

Expired Metatags Many meta tags have come and have disappeared in the previous years. This is why we also have a list with meta tags and html tags that are of lesser importance.
These meta tags have no influence on your ranking with the search engines. 

The Influence of Metatags Unfortunately we still hear from people who claim that meta tags have no influence on your ranking with the search engines. Let us show you that they skip certain very important points.

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List of Usable HTML Meta and Link Tags

Deposited in the head section of an HTML document, meta tags are used to indicate coded information and specify metadata. They don’t appear on the actual website, instead user agents like browsers or web crawlers can read meta tags. The function of a meta element is to convey additional information to a website, which facilitates the analysis of HTML files and makes maintaining file contents easier. HTML meta tags almost always follow the same structure; an element is first defined and then assigned a content.

Take a look at the long list of meta tags.