Top 10 YouTube Channels for Seniors to Check out

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Top 10 YouTube Channels for Seniors to Check out

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Today’s technology can be beneficial to your senior parents. Take YouTube channels, for example. The videos you find on YouTube will offer your senior parents entertainment, education (because one is never too old to learn), exercise regimens, cooking videos, and inspiration.

If your aging parent is looking to become more active and fit, you might suggest using YouTube videos to help motivate them. You can even watch the videos together and try out the exercises. However, it’s important to be cautious and avoid overdoing it, especially with exercises that could put strain on the knees, since they may be more susceptible to pain.

The following are ten YouTube channels that your aging parents may find interesting. Of course, they will likely see more than the ten channels listed there. However, getting your parents started with videos will let them know there is more to watch on YouTube than silly videos of people doing bizarre things.

Eldergym Fitness

Your aging veteran parent may be as physically active and spry as they were 30 years ago. However, many aged parents aren’t so lucky. If your parents need encouragement to exercise daily, Eldergym Fitness will show them how. In addition, seeing other seniors cope with physical challenges while exercising can motivate your parents.


Today’s technology can be a challenge. The Cyber-Seniors of YouTube have videos that can help your parents defray some of the mysteries of how things work in today’s world of cyberspace. Some videos are hilarious, while others are very informative and helpful.

Grand Illusions — not everything is as it seems

On this YouTube channel, you will find Tim, who has been collecting toys for over 30 years. The Grand Illusion channel allows Tim to share one of his 20,000 toys weekly with his viewers. So, if you have a parent bored with the same programs, they may find themselves looking forward to the next adventure of Tim and his toys.

Pasta Grannies!

Videos of Pasta Grannies at locations across Italy will whet your senior’s appetite while eliciting laughter. Pasta Grannies are not only great cooks, but they can also be hilarious. Entertaining and educational, this series of videos is inspiring.

2nd Act TV — videos about the dating scene after 50

Dating for aging parents can be a challenge. The goal of 2nd Act TV is to inform older singles, which may be your parents, about the ins and outs of dating after 50. After being married for many years, your parents will find the dating scene much different than when they were young. Adjusting to these changes can be a challenge that the 2nd Act helps unravel.

Bossa Nakane— familiar music of a different note

A compilation of music familiar to your parents and their friends by a senior with a sweet spirit, Bossa Nakane plays his renditions of some of rock’s greatest hits. Yes, your parents liked rock and roll. Where do you think you learned your love of music? Introduce them to Bossa, and watch them smile.

National Geographic on YouTube

One of the beautiful things about the internet and YouTube is the vast number of videos posted online. For example, the National Geographic YouTube channel will give your parents hours of viewing of happenings and events worldwide.

Postmodern Jukebox — music seniors will love

We all have musical favorites, and for seniors, those fond memories may be from the 40s, 50s, 60s, or another era. Postmodern Jukebox on YouTube has a lengthy list of music videos that bring back the sounds of times gone by. Mixed by artists who keep the genuine sounds of the music, your veteran parents will find hours of music to fill their days.

Prowalk Tours — walking the world from the comfort of home

Your parents may enjoy walks through beautiful sights with Prowalk Tours. Imagine a walk through the streets of Rome from the comfort of your home. These videos that others have made are taken in some of the world’s most popular venues, and are almost as good as being there, at a much lower cost.

Kevin and Lil — adventures of Kevin and his grandmother

Kevin stealthily videoed his grandmother, Lil, for over a year and posted the videos online before he told her what he had done. The result of these candid videos is hilarious. Your senior parent can likely relate to what happens between a grandchild and a grandparent Kevin and Lil, bringing these antics to life.

Teach your senior parent how to use YouTube

YouTube Channels have thousands of hours of videos targeted at seniors and their lifestyles. Once you get your parents interested in watching these videos, they will find that most sights have fresh material, weekly and sometimes daily. Whether you use YouTube for inspiration to exercise or to find a new recipe, it can aid and entertain and educate your parents.

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