Social Media SEO: Here’s Why You Should Care

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Social Media SEO: Here’s Why You Should Care

Social SEO practice is including relevant keywords in your posts. This can boost the chances of your content showing up to users browsing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. It is a powerful marketing tool to help people discover your business which can increase online traffic. Studies found that 91.9% of US marketers in companies bigger than 100 workers were expected to incorporate social media to connect with existing and potential customers. One of the top ways to make the effort work is via a robust SEO strategy.

Keep Google’s end goal for 2023 in mind rather than simply focusing on algorithms. This means satisfying the user by considering search intent and using more detailed information. It will help you tailor your SEO for real people. This article tells you how social media and SEO go hand in hand to get your name before the audience.

Content Amplification

In simple terms, SEO helps to find your content. Using smart keywords lets you move up on the SERP and pull in prospective customers. Focus on your products and service and know your target buyers and their locations. Fill the ‘About’ or ‘Information’ sections properly with common words that anyone may use to describe your company. For instance, if you are a yoga studio, add words like ‘yoga near me’ or ‘yoga in NJ’. Lastly, do not forget to add the link to your website on the social channel.

Enhanced Brand Awareness

A report by Sprout Social found that approximately 1 in 3, that is 34%, use social media to learn about brands, new services and products. Add plenty of captions, alt-texts and closed captions to help people browsing social media find your content. A large number of consumers also use Facebook and Instagram to engage with brands. It is especially true for millennials and Gen Z. In fact, once a consumer learns about a company, social media may continue to play a significant role in the buying decision.

Link Building

Studies have found that 51% of marketers say they see a positive effect of general link-building strategies within just 1-3 months of implementing them. SEO experts also say that external links were one of the three most critical aspects of their search engine optimization effort. The more places your content can be seen with SEO, the higher the chances of earning likes and shares building social proof and credibility. You appear trustworthy and can attract inbound backlinks when mentioned on other sites.

Tips to Use SEO in Social Media

It is necessary to ensure that the SEO has a human touch. For instance, the meta-titles should be written for humans to read, which means, easy for the eye and easy to grasp. Get help from professionals to see which phrases or words are creating a buzz in your industry. Pick the ones that you think will resonate with the audience.

Avoid keyword stuffing in social media. This is an unethical approach and more keyword density does not mean more search engine recognition. It can simply come across as a Black Hat SEO technique which can delist your website or attract penalties from Google. This is because it triggers an update to its PageRank algorithm and the page performance falls.

Repeating keywords can increase the bounce rate. Wondering why? Because readers do not find what they came looking for and ultimately take a quick exit. The average bounce rate is already between 41% to 51%. Studies have also found that 80% of users will not come back to a website after a poor experience. In fact, stuffing keywords can make a reader associate your brand with irrelevant content which is a hit to your professionalism.

Start tagging your location. A geotag can let your followers know where you are. It helps with engagement by bringing more locals to the page. This can gradually create a network of regular customers. You are also able to build messages to be delivered to particular areas. Know that adding your physical location takes just a few seconds.

Optimizing your social media content is a fantastic way to stay ahead of competitors. It is always a good idea to work closely with an experienced and dedicated digital marketing agency that can offer both short-term and long-term SEO solutions.

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