Extracting Actionable Insights from Data in 2023

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Extracting Actionable Insights from Data in 2023

Today, it is impossible to imagine a business without building solid customer relationships. It’s no longer enough for you to simply create good products. Whoever better understands their target audience will win over their competitors. There are tools like Salesforce and Microsoft Power BI that help make accurate and profitable decisions. This article discusses why you should connect Salesforce to Power BI and how you can benefit from it.

Does the data itself have a value?

If you’re a business owner, chances are your company has a Facebook page, Twitter, an app, and many other touchpoints. Thanks to modern tech, we know exactly the preferences of our customers, what they watch, and what they buy. Is there any practical value in this knowledge? Not so much. However, these data can still significantly rise your income.

How to extract insights from data?

The raw data are typically bulky Excel spreadsheets that cannot be used for practical purposes. To make them a decision-making tool, we have to extract actionable insights. Today, machines can analyze dozens of variables and help make the most accurate decisions. What is the path from an SQL (or any other) database to a million dollars solution? Here are some steps:

  • Compiling all the databases and bringing them into a single format.
  • Choosing the right machine learning model. You can get different results from the same input data. So, this step is important to obtain the appropriate output.
  • Analyzing the data and getting structured information that can be used for business planning.
  • Visualization and decision making. Once you extract insights from your data, you can make effective decisions.

Technical solutions

Developers offer different software to solve business problems. One of the most popular cloud-based data-analyzing tools is Salesforce. However, without visualization, it’s difficult to use the information it provides. A popular service from Microsoft — Power BI — will come to your aid. It is a program that helps to create visual reports and make effective decisions. When you connect Salesforce to Power BI, you get a versatile tool to help you grow your business.

Windsor.ai is ideal for combining data extracted from Salesforce in Power BI which is fairly straightforward and easy to understand when compared with its contemporaries.

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