Best ways to promote your podcast

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Best ways to promote your podcast

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You’ve come to the right place if you want to understand how to promote your podcast and grow a listenership. Cultivating a global network of listeners who share your interests and respect your point of view on a topic.

Our goal is not to replicate the same podcast marketing methods you’ve seen elsewhere. Instead, to provide you with the tools and practical insights required to scale your podcast.

Submit your podcast to podcast aggregators and directories

The most well-known podcast directory is Apple Podcasts. But there are more, including Google Play, Spotify, TuneIn, iHeartRadio, SoundCloud, Podbay, and many more. These are third-party websites where your podcasts can be found, downloaded, and subscribed to by listeners.

All you need is to create accounts in each podcast directory and submit your RSS feed so that new episodes are automatically published to each platform. This will expose you to new audiences when they search for new shows to consume on their chosen listening app. This is one of the most powerful podcast marketing strategies available.

Examine your podcast analytics when publishing new episodes

When we asked around how to market a podcast, most listeners told us that it’s crucial to post at strategic times. If you’re just starting, look at similar podcasts to see when they publish. If you notice a pattern, there’s probably a reason behind it. Continue to follow that trend until you have your data.

Examine your podcast stats over time to observe when people listen to your episode. Experiment to see if a trend within your audience is authentic.

Check the stats page of your podcast host to see what day and time your program receives the most downloads. If you get more downloads on Mondays than on weekends, consider publishing your episodes on Monday mornings and skipping Fridays and Saturdays.

Practice Quality over Quantity

It is a waste of time to market a poor-quality product. A poor-quality podcast will not grow with money, clever marketing angles, or other efforts. So, before you try to crack the podcast marketing code, make sure your content is up to par.

Practice a Quality over Quantity Podcast

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Once you have your content sorted, invest in good podcast gear. We understand how tough it can be to record a podcast without access to a professional recording studio. Echo, wind, and background noise can degrade a recording and make your podcast appear amateurish. For all podcast audio recording and editing, we recommend Audacity.

Audacity analyses your audio file and removes background noises such as air conditioner buzzing, fan noise, electrical equipment, etc. If you are curious about this software, find your answers here.

Encourage your audience to subscribe, share, and post reviews.

At the opening and end of each episode, ask your listeners to subscribe, share, and review your podcast. The ideal way to frame these calls to action is to be genuine rather than forceful. Be truthful and explain that as your podcast grows, you will be able to generate unique content for your listeners to appreciate.

Make use of your video

You might acquire greater momentum on social media for your podcast if you include videos instead of just links or still images. Because the algorithms prefer video, it is growing in popularity on social networking platforms. Because video cuts can portray silent reactions and storytelling signals, you can customize your information.

Consider sharing 60-second clips of your video podcast episodes on your social media pages to capture the curiosity of potential listeners. For example, if you interviewed a guest, choose a must-see piece that was amusing, thought-provoking, or motivating. This will encourage viewers to finish the show.

Your Social Media Community

Although there are numerous social media sites available, only a few are an excellent fit for your podcast. Consider your audience’s location and social media usage before launching or just getting started with your podcast. Your target audience most likely uses multiple platforms, but you want to focus on the one where they are most engaged.

Only a few social media sites are an excellent fit for your podcast.

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This allows you to save time and effort by not wasting it on social media updates that no one will see.

Be a guest and invite a guest

Offering to appear as a guest on another show is an excellent approach to presenting your material to a targeted, qualified audience. Similarly, inviting interesting guests to your program results in more engaging episodes and gives your audience a fresh perspective.

Create a podcast press kit so that guests may quickly distribute the episode.

Run Giveaway Contests

Giveaways can boost audience engagement and bring in new listeners. Consider offering a service or item related to the show’s theme in exchange for a review of your podcast. Cross-promotion is an excellent approach to making use of giveaways.

You can contact similar-sounding podcasts to see if they’d be prepared to partner with you to promote the giveaway on their show.

Improve the searchability of your podcast website

If you want people to listen to your podcast, you must optimize it for search results. This necessitates using search engine optimization (SEO) best practices for your website and podcast. One of the essential SEO elements to implement for your podcast is to utilize focused keywords to ensure that your podcast appears when potential listeners conduct a topical search.

Create a new article on your website every time you publish a new episode, and it’s sent to every listening app. The post should include an embedded player, transcriptions, and show notes to have the most significant impact.

Promote previous episodes

This advice cannot be overstated! You must keep promoting past episodes! Older episodes of your podcast are wonderful examples of “best content,” which is material that is still useful to your audience even after some time has elapsed since it was first published.

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Your social media content has a finite lifespan. A viewer may have missed an episode, or your most recent fans may have been unavailable when the program aired. If you share these posts, your audience will be more likely to listen to your broadcast.


You should now have many ideas and advice for creating your promotion plan. You’ll be well on your way to running a successful podcast if you combine these strategies with producing excellent, original content.

Furthermore, SEO is the most practical and economical method of understanding and reaching more listeners at crucial junctures, so be sure to learn more about SEO Tips and check out our plans that best fit you.

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