SEO promotion for a startup: Where to start and how to promote the site

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SEO promotion for a startup: Where to start and how to promote the site

If you’ve ever been interested in the peculiarities of business promotion on the Internet, then you probably already know that one of the best channels to attract traffic to the site and of course customers is the SEO promotion.

Especially important for the promotion of newly created projects. Today, custom software development in the USA is setting the trend worldwide. A lot of people are engaged in projects on their own, but it is easier to hire people to implement it.

SEO optimization can help your website attract hundreds and even thousands of targeted visitors a day. With the right strategy, people looking for your product or service online will come to your site and it will not cost you a penny.

Why your website needs internet marketing

Creating a website is just the beginning of a project’s life on the internet. For your site to start generating revenue, you need to put a lot of effort into advertising your site on the web.
For each client we make up an individual promotion program, depending on the goals, resources, topics and other factors.

  • Search engine optimization for Google. Website promotion is aimed at improving positions in Google search results. Positions depend on many factors. For example: the speed of the site, the display on mobile devices, the availability of SSL certificates, etc. Website optimization does not give quick results, but in the long run it is one of the most effective methods, because users who come from google are already interested in the product or service.
  • Analysis of competitors and niches. This will also play a very important role in product development, you will be able to create something really unique. Writing a promotion program starts with analyzing your competitors’ companies/sites. It is important to clearly understand: how they promote their products/services, how they position themselves, their target audience, what tools they use. This information is important for forming your unique offer – how you will be different from your competitors.

What else is online marketing interesting for new projects?

Online marketing results

Before starting any marketing campaign, it’s important to determine your goals. What kind of result do you want? Depending on the product or service, competition, resources and the customer’s individual wishes, you can set the following goals:

  • Increase of target traffic
  • Increase of references/inquiries/calls
  • Increase in conversion
  • Informing the audience about the new product
  • Formation of the positive image of the product or the company
  • Generate demand for the product or service
  • Increase brand awareness

Internet Marketing Tools
  • Banner Advertising. Suitable for brand new products.
  • Promotion in social networks. One of the most important methods of communication with your customers, as well as a platform for finding new ones.
  • Analysis of results. Regular control and measurement of indicators are necessary for effective online advertising.
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