How to Choose Android App Development Service?

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How to Choose Android App Development Service?

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Mobile app development services

App development is not only good branding. It is also a great tool for communication between company and customer and much more enjoyable for both.

Apps extend an expanse to portable and mobile gadgets’ ability to provide seamless expansion of the scope with which companies can serve to consumers online. It helps to build a unique identity, which reflects the company’s branding message and helps to establish emotional connection with customers.

What are the types of custom mobile app development?

There are three types of mobile apps: Native, Hybrid, and Web. Let’s quickly go through them.

  • Native Mobile Apps. Native mobile apps are designed to be “native” to one platform. So, they fit a specific operating system like iOS, Android, Windows etc. You can perform with the same functions, design, but it will be different programs. Development process takes more time and budget. Native services are faster and use less battery power and memory. WhatsApp and Spotify are one of them.
  • Web apps. They are adaptations of sites, scaled to fit the different screen sizes of mobile devices. However, they are not allowed to access the hardware of user like native one. And need to be downloaded and installed. Facebook and Pinterest are examples of well implemented web app development services.
  • Hybrid Mobile Apps. It is something between native and web apps. They have limited access to hardware and need an internet connection to download content. But the design does not adapt to different screen size, which affect performance speed. At the same time, it saves time and resources. These services operate on a small amount of information. The most famous examples are Gmail and Twitter.

Benefits of having mobile application comparing to website

Establishing a mobile presence is a must for every business nowadays. Custom android app development services already took a firm stand on a digital marketplace for its efficiency. But in which case is it better to create an application than a website?

  • User experience features. The mobile app offers an interactive interface, while a website has a static and navigational one. It provides a better experience to customers.
  • Demand of time. Nowadays, more than 80% of customers prefer apps over company websites. They tend to spend more time on their smartphones.
  • Accessibility. A mobile app provides access to various phone features such as phone contacts, location services, camera which a website cannot offer.
  • Speed. Mobile apps work faster.

Things you should consider before developing apps

There some significте cons of app developing you should take into account:

  • Cost. Creating an app will cost more than a website. Mobile app development is a complex process involving the expertise of various professionals and encompassing many stages. However, the app development cost greatly depends on the mobile app features and functionality, choice of platform, technologies, design, etc.
  • Compatibility. You should consider the type of mobile app you want to create. Because different types of apps perform differently for various platforms. Whether this is an iOS or Android application. 
  • Upgrading. Users have to accept and download apps’ updates, while the website is supported by the company.

How to find your app development company?

To find your perfect app development team you should pay attention to a few things:

  • Reviews and recommendations.  There are a lot of platforms such as Clutch, GoodFirms, where you can easily check the rate of a company, its size, main technical focus, etc. Also a company has a list of clients who can describe their own experience of work with the team.
  • Project estimation. The estimation should be based on project scope, number of involved full stack developers, PMs, designers, QA engineer, and comply with quality-price ratio.
  • Domain expertise. Hire the team, which specializes in your business niche. They will bring the exact solution you need, because they know how it works.
  • Payment. The company of your choice may follow one of the many payment models such as dedicated team, time
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