How to Make Your Brand Stand Out On Social Media

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How to Make Your Brand Stand Out On Social Media

Over the years, social media has gained unpredicted popularity. In 2021, 4.26 billion people were using some form of social media. A big reason for its success is the algorithms of the platforms that supply users with the content they want to see. Now social media has grown to the extent that, along with private accounts, it also provides a place to create business profiles and market products.

As a brand owner, you can take advantage of social media by organizing your business account to gain traction using these algorithms so that they prioritize your posts. Here are a few considerations to help your page succeed:

1. Have a Theme

When creating a theme, think about how all the posts will look together on your homepage rather than their individual appeal. You can use a single color palette, matching borders, identically crop images, or the same filters to coordinate your posts. You should also use third-party apps to help create vectors and illustrations for the posts. For further help, consider using an agency like EraserFarm for your social media needs.

2. Have a Recurring Event

You must keep the audience engaged to generate more views and followers on social media. You can accomplish this by hosting a recurring event, such as weekly polls or bimonthly Q and A sessions. Over time, your brand will become synonymous with your event and can play a vital role in attracting more consumers.

3. Use Network Tools

There are multiple social media platforms, and all of them have unique qualities and purposes. You will also find each social media platform to have varying sets of tools to engage users, for example, lives, stories, polls, and video editing. The algorithm gives preference to posts that use their devices. If you want your content to reach more people optimally, use these tools regularly.

And do not limit yourself to in-app tools. For more efficient social media management, consider using third-party tools like content calendars. This will ensure that even if you are busy, your posts regularly go up, bringing in new audiences and retaining existing ones.

4. Write Captivating Captions

Many regard social media as a host for graphics, images, and videos to attract users. However, these posts are only influential when paired with attention-grabbing captions. A good caption contains brief information regarding a product to make the user visit the social media homepage or website for more details. You can also use dramatic language to engage the user and make them more interested in your post. If you’re a small business, add personal touches by talking about your experience in creating the product.

Always consider SEO strategies when writing captions. Social media platforms encourage the use of keywords (common words a user types into the social’s search bar) to increase a post’s discoverability. The use of hashtags is also vital as they link your posts with similar posts and help more users to access it.


Social media management can be a hectic job, and the need for it is only increasing with time. Almost anyone can create a social media account and start posting, but few know the art of navigating the algorithm and consumer preferences to have efficient posts that increase your brand’s reach. The considerations mentioned above help you achieve this efficient social media management. As social media continues to evolve, the rules also change, so stay vigilant.

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