4 Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Your Brand Awareness

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4 Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Your Brand Awareness

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If your social media audiences don’t know or recognize your brand, they will not likely buy from you.

After all, people need to know your brand and how your products and services can benefit them before they can trust you enough to purchase…

…and all this can start with brand awareness.

Data shows that 67% of people purchase a product after seeing its advertisement on social media platforms.

It highlights how social media campaigns can help your brand drive awareness and sales.

However, increasing your brand awareness can involve many factors.

Fortunately, there are social media marketing tips and tricks you can leverage to optimize your efforts—from improving your Instagram visibility to expanding your brand’s presence on TikTok.

Start with these four tips below.

1. Know your target audience

You need to know whom you are talking to before you can determine the best topics to talk about.

The same goes for your efforts to increase brand awareness via social media marketing.

Understand your target audience to learn the best social media content, approaches, and offers that suit their fancy.

The more you know your target audiences, the better you can tailor posts to attract them, supporting your brand awareness initiatives.

Create buyer personas or refine your existing ones. It can give you a good idea about your target audience.

It can also keep you from making assumptions about the content and social media platforms they engage with, helping you zero in on your potential customers.

HubSpot’s MakeMyPersona is one tool to help you generate buyer persona templates for your social media marketing campaigns.

Increase brand awareness via social media marketing

Image source: hubspot

Also, gather audience information from social media channels.

Look for relevant Instagram hashtags, take inspiration from similar brands on Facebook, and learn the popular quotes on TikTok to know the trending topics in your niche.

Doing so can help you better understand how your target audience engages with social media. You can leverage this to inform your brand awareness strategies.

2. Focus on specific platforms

You can’t keep up with all the social media platforms (unless you have a big team and an even bigger budget).

To avoid spreading yourself too thin while optimizing your brand awareness initiatives, focus on the social media networks that your target audience frequent.

Consider zeroing in on three social media platforms initially to ensure you manage all of them well.

Do some digging to find which social media platforms your target audiences spend most of their time on.

Start by looking at your competitors’ social media platforms.

The kind of products you sell can also help you figure this out.

For instance, if you offer services that help people develop a small business SEO strategy, you’ll likely find most of your potential customers on LinkedIn.

Instagram would be a great place to start your brand awareness efforts if you’re a cosmetics brand.

There is no right number of social media platforms to focus your brand awareness campaigns on.

However, sticking to a few manageable ones is crucial instead of trying to be everywhere at once. It can make your efforts more consistent and sustainable while driving your expected results.

3. Share engaging visual content

Compelling visual content is one of the best ways to capture your social media audience’s attention and raise brand awareness.

Images, videos, GIFs, memes, and other creative visual content are great for conveying your offers, products, and brand quickly and creatively. Check out some compelling visuals at https://www.greenfly.com/blog/sports-marketing-examples/

Follow the tips below to help create engaging visual content for social media.

  • Be consistent with your visual branding. Stick to consistent visual branding so social media audiences can recognize your brand easily.

For instance, you can use a similar color scheme, font, and visual style on Facebook and Instagram, the way Rolex does.

Image source: Facebook

You can see how the brand uses high-quality images of its products against a simple or solid color background on its social media feeds.

Image source: Instagram

  • Follow social media content size guidelines. Resize your images and videos (if necessary) to the social media platform’s content specifications.

Doing so helps ensure you display your visual content in the best format and quality.

  • Use reliable tools. Leverage the right tools to create and design your social media visual content—from user-friendly graphic design tools like Canva to popular content creation software such as AdobeCreative.

Establish a memorable and recognizable business on social media by maintaining a consistent visual brand.

Remember that your social media visual content pieces are essential marketing assets, so store them in a secure location.

Also, ensure you keep copies, like how you would run regular GitHub backups, so your business-critical codes and data remain intact and secure.

4. Get more people to talk about your brand

The more social media users talk about your products, services, and business, the more people know about your brand.

Before achieving this, you’ll need to give people a good reason to talk about your brand to amplify your efforts to raise brand awareness.

Some of the best ways to encourage people to spread the news about your brand include the following:

  • Run social media contests and giveaways. Who doesn’t want free stuff? Not your social media audiences. Use this to your advantage to entice users to share your posts and offers and, in turn, drive awareness around your brand.

For instance, run an Instagram contest that requires participants to like and share your post (or tag friends) for a chance to win a prize.

The Instagram giveaway below is a classic example.

Run an Instagram contest that requires participants to like and share your post (or tag friends) for a chance to win a prize.

Image source: Instagram

  • Leverage User-Generated Content (UGC). Share UGCs to fill your social media feeds with original content while engaging your audience and driving brand awareness.

It’s a great way to acknowledge your followers while running an essentially free brand awareness campaign.

Include relevant hashtags to make your shared UGCs discoverable and visible to more social media users.

  • Run referral programs. Provide rewards when your followers refer other people to your product, service, and other offers. It can help entice people to share your brand with their networks.

For instance, you can offer a 15% discount on your referrer’s next purchase when they refer others who want to buy SEO articles to your business.

Amplify brand awareness with social media marketing

Creating awareness around your brand is one of the most crucial steps in connecting with potential customers and getting sales.

Start your efforts to raise brand awareness using social media marketing with the tips in this guide.

Do you have other tips for amplifying brand awareness? Feel free to share them with us in the comment section below. Cheers!

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