Top 10 Blogger Outreach Software’s to Maximize your Outreach Efforts

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Top 10 Blogger Outreach Software’s to Maximize your Outreach Efforts

Is your blogger outreach strategy not helping accomplish your short-term and long-term goals? Have you ever thought about the root cause of the problem? Maybe the problem lies in not being able to connect with the top influencers in your niche.

This article will help you understand some of the crucial blogger outreach tools to maximize the reach of the content and influence the target audiences. 

Here are some of the best influencer outreach tools to implement effective guest posting services


BuzzSumo is an easy-to-use outreach tool with some useful features to check out. You can filter features like the location of the influencers, type of influencers or brand, and the top-performing content to reach out to your audiences. BuzzSumo has a personalized dashboard and helps in recovering content with ease. The tool is capable of tracking authors and other notifications.


Traackr is a language and location-specific tool. It helps locate the relevant influencers. The tool does network analysis and helps create your social profile. Traackr track conversations and import your existing contacts to ensure your blogger outreach service is well-structured. It is a relationship management platform to help you connect with the right influencers.


Yesware helps with your email outreach strategy by enabling email automation. The tool helps create campaigns and connects you with the top blogger influencers through a chain of marketing emails. You can measure the performance of your email campaigns and the rate of engagement by using this powerful tool.


Haro allows you to connect with the top journalists and publish their viewpoints and influential stories. The journalists can also submit their queries, if any, to this tool. If you are a blogger or someone who wishes to share your story, you need to create a source account in Haro. This platform is best for acquiring backlinks from reputable websites.


Tomoson is one of the conventional blogger outreach tools to connect and communicate with influencers. The tool gives you an option to click on ‘Find Influencers’ on the website to begin your search. As you click on each influencer, you will get information like the following:

  • The number of website visitors
  • Social media followers
  • Total reach of the campaign

The significant benefit of using Tomoson is its in-built audience feature. As the guest bloggers already use this tool, you can save time searching for the best influencers. You have to decide which of them are relevant to your business.


Mailshake is considered one of the best content marketing tools. It helps you to contact your influencers via email. It is an automated email outreach service and provides various email outreach templates like link building, email tracking, PR pitches, and guest post services. The best part of using Mailshake is you can incorporate it with your Gmail account, Twitter, and other Google applications.


Pitchbox is ideal for small-scale businesses. The primary purpose of using Pitchbox is to track website backlinks through influencers. You can obtain information, including website URL, social media profiles, and contact details. Pitchbox helps you to personalize each outreach message as a way of increasing your response rate. With this effective tool in hand, you can focus your time and energy on creating a connection with the top influencers in your search engine list.


BuzzStream is popular blogger outreach software to browse prospective bloggers, social profiles, and websites and add new bloggers to your database. The tool helps track response rates, click rates, and open rates and choose outreach templates best suited to your business requirements. BuzzStream automatically discovers features like social metrics, website statistics, and contact information when you upload a list of URLs.

Group High

Group High is perfect for people who have no idea how to find influencers. A built-in dashboard within the Group High membership allows users to generate and manage leads. This powerful tool helps monitor blogs to get the backlinks and check the rankings of the influencers through an algorithm. It gives you insights into content statistics through the automatic content tactic. 


Inkybee, also called Ongoing Blog Discovery software scrutinizes the internet to search for relevant blogs and direct you towards other blogger outreach opportunities. Inkybee can be helpful in every step of your blogger outreach services. It is cost-effective software that helps you use features like Google Analytics and Campaign Management.

You may use multiple tools to run a successful blogger outreach campaign. However, it is imperative to seek professional guest post services. 

Hope the tools mentioned above will help you gain experience and improve your search engine rankings.

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