All the Benefits of A Content Marketing Strategy

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All the Benefits of A Content Marketing Strategy

According to Seth Godin, content marketing is the only kind of marketing alive. With the right content marketing strategy, you’re seen as an authority figure.
Here are the different benefits you can enjoy with content marketing.

You’re seen as an authority

Your brand gets seen as more of an authority in your space when you produce lots of great content. To do this successfully, ask what questions your audience is asking. Then create content around these questions.

If you are in the SEO space wanting to position yourselves as a leader and resource start by creating content around the biggest questions people have:

  • How to build links?
  • How to create content that attracts links?
  • How to improve conversion rates

Improve conversions with content

There’s no need for you to work so hard for generating traffic to your site when you know that most of them are not going to convert to leads. Developing a content marketing strategy focuses on content that can generate leads.

Depending on whether the conversion rate is high or low, good content can boost the conversions it generates.

Assuming you don’t have gigantic UX problems here’s how to improve conversions.

  • Create content that sells your product
  • Answer questions through content
  • Build trust in your site with content
  • Share brand incentives

Boost lead generation

If you’re running a retail store you have customers come in, shop for stuff and buy and go away. It gets over in the blink of an eye.

For SaaS products, the sales cycle is longer. You need more than a single session to drive home the commitment. For other products, new leads can take months or a year to turn their initial website visit into a purchase.

Middle-of-the-funnel content is great for generating leads because it helps you contact them and prime them when they are researching for information on products that suit them. This way you can keep them engaged and moving smoothly through the sales cycle.

Content marketing done in the right way helps you dominate the industry you’re in. Great navigation combined with great content delivery helps search engines decide on great rankings for those sites that put in the minimum effort.

Builds trust with the audience

When and if customers have a question and the first thing they can think of is you that means you have been able to establish trust with your audience. Mint’s blog is relevant, easily scannable content on questions around the credit space. So whenever someone looks for information they look at MInt first.
Let’s take a look at Mint’s blog. They do a great job of creating content that answers everyday questions.

The well-designed answers solve the problems and address users’ needs. Mint is thought to be an overall authority figure.
When people trust you with content that solves their problems they are also likely to trust you to deliver the right product or service too.

Content educates potential customers

Content can help educate customers. SaaS products are often complex and have a long sales cycle. It’s also difficult to figure out what the product is, how to use it and how it benefits the end-user.
All of these things are possible with a blog. If you give customers knowledge that’s a value addition that they are going to remember for a long time.

Content marketing is to stoop down and reach customers on the same level as them. Educate your customers on the industry or the said topic and lead them to the buyer funnels.
Content marketing is a journey. You bring awareness to the brand by discussing simple topics like SEO trends, Then you create more posts about styles and content you can create.
Then you lead them to the decision stage where you can create something that helps them choose a service that helps them rank.

Content is a cost-effective way to promote your brand

If you’ve been throwing money at paid search and social media marketing, it’s time to switch up your strategy. You don’t need a big budget for effective content marketing. The PaigeFair Adblock report shows that 763 million devices block ads.
Pop-up ads and other disruptive methods of advertising are no longer popular and people are increasingly suspicious of them. Consumers would rather shop with brands with who they are able to cultivate a meaningful relationship.

Designhill with its logo maker

Instead creating free content and free tools like Designhill does with its logo maker is the way to go. The page lets users create free logos and generates thousands of free leads.
Content marketing is inexpensive. It helps develop meaningful relationships and costs less than half of what traditional marketing costs giving you leads, appointments, and more. You get thrice as many leads.

Content works for every industry

There’s hardly any industry where you cannot apply the principles of content marketing. People have problems and content is one of the ways you can talk about these problems, discuss these problems and provide potential solutions. Content marketing isn’t limited to big brands or big magazines. It doesn’t matter how boring your niche or industry is.
Content marketing can help. High-quality content helps you generate links, drive referral traffic back to the site and also help you win users.
Content you create educates customers and makes them happy and that happiness carries over.


What do you think of the tips and tricks around content marketing? Please let us know in the comments below.

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