6 Tips To Improve Instagram Visibility

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6 Tips To Improve Instagram Visibility

You’ve made it here today in the pursuit of hopefully learning how to improve your Instagram visibility. To be able to do such, it’s essential to walk back to that very first starting point of what the Instagram algorithm is.

Previously, users’ feeds would prioritize loading moments and content that you care about. This means that Instagram would prioritize fresh and timely posts that relate to the user’s interest and niche.

Understanding what Instagram’s algorithm entails is the foundation for improving your Instagram visibility. This sets about all the necessary steps you’ll have to go through and cover to achieve that goal. And ultimately, an improvement in your online visibility can bring positive changes in your business, like higher and wider audience reach, an increase in traffic, and possibly more sales.
In this post and this write up of Seek Socially, you’ll come across six straightforward ways you can boost your Instagram visibility.

Six straightforward ways how you can boost your Instagram visibility.

1. Post Content Consistently

Your account needs to be regularly active to gain the attention of your existing followers and the general public. Not posting regularly can make your account go stale. And more so, you may lose the momentum you’ve long worked so hard to build. In general, you should post content at least once or twice a day. Don’t go anywhere beyond 24 hours without posting something new to your account. This way, your feed continues to stay relevant and fresh, and your followers have something to look forward to from you every day.
To do this successfully, you can make use of automated tools or an Instagram growth service to help lead your social media team.

2. Find Your Optimal Posting Times

This tip goes alongside the previous tip on posting consistently. To further boost your Instagram visibility, it’s not just enough to post consistently. You also have to dig deeper when determining when your optimal posting times are. However, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to this, as it differs based on factors like:
  • our geographical location
  • The location of the majority of your followers
  • Your Instagram account’s niche
It may take a long time to actually determine and have a clear understanding of your followers’ activity. But, deciphering that information is king. This is needed to ensure that every time you post, you have an audience, and your post doesn’t get drowned in the thousands of other new posts posted by other accounts.

3. Tag The Relevant Account

Tagging is one of the fail-proof ways to gain online attention. When you tag the person or brand concerned, you’ll be able to reach their feed through notifications. The tagged name or user account knows that you’ve talked about them and will therefore open your account to decipher what your latest post is all about.
Similarly, you can boost the power of user-generated content by tagging back followers that tagged you. This can be done in the caption itself. When it is too numerous, you can tag those users in your comments.

4. Step Up Your Photo Quality

Instagram’s current algorithm also puts a premium on a well-curated feed. This means that more users are more likely to be drawn into your account when the photo quality you post is good, if it’s well-taken, well-edited (although not too much), and your feed looks aesthetically pleasing as an overall result.
There’s no denying that often, the most shared and most liked content on Instagram is those which are visually striking. Just imagine breathtaking landscapes, high-resolution photos, bold colors. Those are some of the few characteristics of images that’ll make Instagram users stop in their tracks, hit the ‘Like’ button, and follow you.

5. Add Thoughtful Captions

With Instagram, you only have a few characters to make a difference in your caption. And so, to make the most out of it, create thoughtful captions all the time. For instance, tell a story or tug on the heartstrings of your followers. Doing so can get your Instagram followers to click your post, read through your caption, and create an action.
Here’s a pro tip. To make your captions sound friendlier and not too authoritative, try adding some emojis. This may just be the key to making your Instagram posts exciting and relatable to your audience.

6. Publish More Video Content

Lastly, make use of Instagram Stories and IGTV to your advantage. If you’re centered only on posting photos, you could miss out on the possible wider reach videos can bring. For one, they’re interesting, and video content can easily capture your audience’s attention- and keep that attention. It’s like watching a movie – only shorter.
In addition, videos are often on the top-tier of eye-popping content on Instagram. You can test this by hitting the ‘Explore’ section on Instagram. There, you’ll see that many of the popular and hyped posts are those with video content.


Given the regular changes that are going through in social media accounts, increasing your visibility can always be a challenge. But, it’s one you can easily overcome when guided by the
right tactics.
Now that you have the list above, it’s up to you to perform a trial-and-error to see what works for your Instagram business account and what doesn’t. With an open mind to changes, you can rethink your approach, such that an increased Instagram visibility is now within your reach.

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