How to write my essay without plagiarism

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How to write my essay without plagiarism

Writing a unique and plagiarism-free essay is a daunting task for students.

It becomes complicated when the examiner runs your report on the latest plagiarism checking software to grade you. Here is what you need to do to produce a top-notch plagiarism-free paper. Read on to find out.

Give yourself time

Many students, out of panic, miss out on such a significant aspect of writing, i.e. write without plagiarism. Relax, take your time. Figure out what part of the day suits you. Many students write well early in the morning after a good sound sleep. At the same time, many work late at night to write essays or complete college coursework. Remember, essay writing is not a piece of cake. If you are out of touch with writing for a long time, you may sit for hours and write nothing. The perfect scenario would be to sit, write and wrap up the essay, but the reality is altogether different. Not everyone is capable of writing solidly, even with skills at disposal. Take your time to get into the groove. Make sure you are mentally alert and fresh when you finally sit to write. Well, preparedness is key to success. It could be any task to accomplish; preparation plays an important role. To craft a research paper, you need to plan things to perfection. The pre-production phase requires you to be vigilant.

Make sure you know the topic well. Your research is quality, and most importantly, your essay structure is professional.
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Writing a unique and plagiarism-free essay

Proofread your work

You need to be very alert throughout the editing process. There are two sublevels of editing. One is the extensive picture analysis, and the other is the micro-level proofreading. Avoiding plagiarism must be your ultimate goal. To achieve this goal, you have to read the essay with keen interest. Make sure to read every word. Micro-level proofreading includes spellings, punctuations, and grammar. It has to be flawless in terms of language. The usage of vocabulary can also be enhanced in the final touches.
The significant picture assessment is to ascertain whether the essay structure, idea, and main essay question are answered or not. To write an essay without plagiarizing, you need to make sure the order of the paper is correct, with the essay’s introduction, body and conclusion. Some students tend to copy-paste blindly and ruin the structure of the report. A high-quality paper is read over and over again before submitting.

Have variety in your writing

Writing an essay might be easy, but writing without plagiarism requires skills. To craft a top-notch essay, you must polish the skills to rephrase and rewrite. The student should write certain concepts and ideas in their own words. Essay plagiarism is when students tend to copy-paste content as it is. A professional writer will make sure the language and tone of the essay are according to the paper’s point of view. The arguments need to be constructed so that they grasp the audience attentively. The body part of the paper has to be gripping. Look for interesting facts, quotations, and idioms to convey your message to the reader. Make the reader rethink your ideas. All of this can be achieved only with variety in your writing. The more variety in your writing, the better it will be. Many students also look for help online saying reword my essay.

Writing without plagiarism requires skills

Cite your Sources

Wondering what is the thumb rule to avoid plagiarism essay? Cite all your sources correctly. Citing sources will authenticate your essay’s credibility. For instance, if you have to use a direct quote from an authority, ensure you put quotations. Also, it is essential to include the page number in your citation when quoting someone directly.

Are you wondering what a direct quote is? It is the text that you have in your work from another source as it is. If you look up for plagiarize definition, it says coping with someone’s work. So, if the source you’re using has used this direct quote, then don’t forget to mention the source as well. Generally, it is better to rephrase everything you take from other sources. However, sometimes, it is inevitable to use the text without altering it. For instance, if you’re mentioning a study’s findings, you can use the exact words used in the original study findings. Paraphrasing study results or findings could be challenging. Besides, plagiarism checkers such as Turnitin don’t consider plagiarism when putting those words in quotation marks. If you decide to rephrase the wording, ensure you professionally. Simply replacing some words with synonyms is not paraphrasing. Please read the complete source information and write it in your own words.

Remember to cite your direct quotes correctly. And, make sure you know which referencing style you have to follow. If you’re asked to follow APA, ensure you know which edition. Once you’re sure of that, format your entire paper according to the referencing style rules. Doing so will indicate to the examiner or professor that your essay is credible. If you’re still confused, read some plagiarism articles online.

Conclude well

They say all is well that ends well. The conclusion of an essay is the final impression on the reader. Make sure you blend the ending with some solid vocabulary or food for thought. Summarize all your hard work in a way that looks real and happening. Focus on the last few convincing lines of your essay. Remember to write a paper without plagiarizing requires you to be assertive and clear in your language. Do not introduce any new ideas at this stage. You just have to make sure that the quality of the conclusion upholds the overall essay outlook. The essence of your paper has to be defined with a few powerful sentences. And never try to copy someone’s conclusion. No matter what your concluding thoughts are, write them down. You may find it hard to think of concluding words but write a rough draft, then edit it.

All in all, writing a plagiarism-free paper is no rocket science. Once you get the hang of citing sources and paraphrasing, it gets easier. For that, you need to keep practicing. And, if you feel stuck, you can ask for help from your teachers.

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