Plagiarism in Writing: Awareness & Prevention Tips

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Plagiarism in Writing: Awareness & Prevention Tips

Plagiarism is an act of stealing someone’s content or ideas and publishing them as their own. It is represented as your own work while it originally belongs to another individual. Plagiarism is considered academic dishonesty as well as the breach of journalist ethics. Once an individual is tagged with plagiarism, the person can be subject to legal actions like suspension, penalties, fines, and at worst imprisonment. This explains why a plagiarism check is considered as an important step to writing any sort of content.

Why Is Plagiarism Check Considered So Important?

While creating content even from scratch can result in a text that matches up with something that has already been published. The Internet is flooded with the humongous amount of data and there are high chances that your topic or thoughts you have just penned down has already been discussed on the net without you being aware of it.

The idea of plagiarism check revolved after people realized the need for plagiarism tools that help avoid both intentional and unintentional duplication. With a plagiarism checker, you can compare your written content against multiple resources. With online plagiarism checking
tools, you will be guaranteed that your content is 100% and hence lets you retain the copyright of your work.

Most of you might not be aware but there are renowned tools in the market that allows you to conduct plagiarism checks on your work as well as correct mistakes when it comes to paraphrasing. These tools are powerful and efficient enough to detect grammatical and spelling mistakes and ensures your content is error-less and does not contain even the slightest form of unintended plagiarism.

When a plagiarism check is carried on your content, you are given an assurance that your work is original. It makes it easier for you to reword sentences where duplication has occurred, allowing you to make your content unique. A plagiarism check can hugely save you from possible allegations of copying someone else’s content.

The Need For Plagiarism Check For A Student Or A Marketer

Duplicate content works differently for both an online marketer and a student. An online store owner has to use the content as a strategy to attract their clients. With more and more content being created and published about their products and services, the higher are the chances to reach out to the right audience. These marketers are at higher risk since their website is under constant scrutiny by search engines. As soon as they are caught with duplicate content, search engines bring their sites down by placing them at lower ranks in the search list. In the worst scenarios, their site may even get delisted.

In the case of a student, there is no getting away with plagiarism content anymore as teachers have access to powerful duplicate checking tools. Using the tools, they can even determine where you have taken the material to use in your assignment. Once a student is held liable for cheating, he may get dismissed or even expelled from the university on the grounds of the repeated act of plagiarism.

Students can use plagiarism checkers to ensure their professors that their assignment is 100% original and contains no stolen thoughts and ideas from the internet. Even if they decide to use their own tool, you will at least be confident that your assignment will pass without any issues.

Prevent Plagiarized Content with Top Plagiarism Tools

  1. SmallSEOTools
    The number 1 platform with a top-notch plagiarism check tool is This plagiarism checker provides its users with precise results. If the text is partially plagiarized or fully unique, this tool will notify you in form of a percentage. Alongside the detection of plagiarism, you will also be able to find out the source from where your text is matching. It is an entirely web-based tool that doesn’t charge a penny from any of its users and can be used unlimited times.
  2. DupliChecker
    One of the most renowned names in the industry is Duplichecker. This effective plagiarism detecting tool does not come with a fancy interface but its results are exceptional. It certainly makes sure to get the word done well.
  3. Search Engine Reports is an intelligent plagiarism checking tool that allows you a deep and though plagiarism check. With its advanced technology, you get extra levels of plagiarism search that helps you find results from all around the internet. The tool has enhanced the limit of the number of words that can be checked at a time from 1000 to 2000 words. You can even upload a file from your computer or even Dropbox.
  4. Copyleaks
    Professionals and students heavily rely on copyleaks when it comes to their needs for plagiarism check. With its sophisticated artificial intelligence, the tool detects similar text and slightly paraphrased sentences easily. The tool, however, asks for registration and allows limited use with its free package.


Make sure you publish or submit your content only after you are 100% sure that it is free from plagiarism to avoid yourself from getting into any sort of trouble. With free plagiarism tools, you can be assured of original and unique content.