SEO Training Step 8 - Boost Your Site

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SEO Training Step 8 - Boost Your Site

Boost your website

You’ve created the perfect metatags.

Now it’s time to let the world know your website is open for business.

  • Boost 2 Keywords 
  • Create 5 Backlinks 
  • XML Sitemap 
  • SEO Site Checkup 
  • Website SEO Errors  
  • Ping Google and Bing 
  • SEO Recommendations

After starting with your website boost, you will have to have patience, the most difficult thing of the whole process.

Search engines get many submissions and update requests every day. Wait patiently for your website to appear in the index. This process can take 6 weeks or longer. 

Do it yourself ?

Some people think they can do the boost  process themselves. We give you a few reasons why it’s better to ask help from the professionals at Metatags to submit your site:


  1. Time Factor

    Submitting your website to 50 search engines will cost you a lot of time. You need to find the submitting page of every search engine, follow all the steps, fill out the security code, answer emails etc. What if it takes you about 5 minutes per search engine, for 50 search engines that will be 250 minutes and that’s over 4 hours! It will cost you half a workday.

  2. Money Factor

    So it will cost you half a workday and if you want to compare it you will have to calculate 4 hours. You know what your hourly rate is, calculate 4 times your rate and see if it is smart to do it yourself.

  3. Quality Factor

    All our staff have successfully graduated in marketing, website building, search engine optimization. We all have a lot of knowledge concerning SEO. Are you also an expert in SEO? Do you exactly know what to do and what’s better to skip? Unless you work for us you probably are no expert.


Of course you can everything yourself but…

– it will cost you a lot of time
– it will cost you money
– you lack expertise

Can you allow your competitor to choose for search engine optimization and a professional boost of their website?

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