SEO Training Step 4 - Webpages

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SEO Training Step 4 - Webpages

Optimize your web-pages

Search engines prefer small web-pages. Try to limit the page under 20K, under 10K is even better. We even presume that you pay less for Google Adwords if the landing-page has a low loading time.

Use the possibilities of e.g. Photoshop to leave out certain colors in logo’s or photo’s. Delete HTML code in your webpage that has no meaning and avoid moving images when you enter the website.

Website Analyzer

User our Free Website Analyzer to test the loading time of your page and make improvements.

Please use the following tips:

  • Make as few HTTP Requests as possible
  • Add an Expires Header
  • Use the Gzip Componenten
  • Place your CSS in the top
  • Put Scripts at the bottom
  • Place JavaScript and CSS external
  • Make as few DNS Lookups as possible
  • Use less JavaScript
  • Don’t use a Redirects
  • Prevent the use of double scripts

Page Speed & How it impacts your SEO

In 2010, Google announced that page speed would impact your website ranking. It actually refers to the time a visitor have to wait until your page is completely loaded. On average, a page load for e-commerce website takes seven seconds meanwhile the ideal load time is around three seconds or less. Remember our example of the search engine Google, clean and simple html source, it’s just 9k…