SEO Training Step 2 - Domain name

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SEO Training Step 2 - Domain name

Pick the right domain name

SEO Step 2 Your domain name

Your goal is to get as many visitors on your website as possible. Make sure that you pick the right domain-name. A domain-name should be easy to type and easy to pronounce. Think of the future while picking a name. It happens that in time you want to change your brand name. As a result your listings in the search engines are gone.

Search engines check how long the domain-name has been registered. A website that has been active and updated regularly with new items, will be ranked higher than a website that has just started last week.

It’s smarter to add a sub name to your main domain-name for a new product than to register a new domain-name. E.g. think of a company like IBM. IBM uses sub names for pages in different countries like in stead of a new name. Choose 1 clear domain-name, 1 clear image and all the subjects will match your main domain-name.

So you need to consider carefully what you want to accomplish. Do you want a separate theme website or did you once register a fantastic domain-name that can be used for a certain campaign, don’t hesitate to use it. Just keep in mind that using too many domain-names is not useful.

We do suggest to purchase false spelled domain-names that redirect directly to your correct domain-name.