SEO Training Step 13 - Logfiles

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SEO Training Step 13 - Logfiles


Analyze your log-files. Follow your visitors, what do they do, make a graphic and ask your provider to put a statistic program on your site. It’s free information, but you need to do something with it.

Also log-files on your server can be useful. Where did the visitor looked at, for how long. From which page did they leave your website. Do your visitors return and what are they looking for.

The A-B test

Choose a certain page you want to test. Examples of test-page’s can be your start-page or a page with product details. Make several versions of your test-page.

Create and publish several versions of your test-page and use unique URL’s. Use a script that randomly shows those different versions to your visitors. E.g. make 3 pages of a product you would like to sell. On one page you ask your visitor to call you for more information. One the other page you ask your visitor to fill out the form for more information. And on the last page you offer the possibility to order online. Now you can measure which page is more popular. Don’t forget to keep the pages active after concluding your experiment due to the fact that many people bookmark your web-page.

Find your conversion page.

This conversion page is an existing page on your website that is shown after a conversion. It can be a page that is shown after a customer has ordered an item on your website, or it can be a page which is shown after a visitor has registered for a newsletter or filled out an information form.

Now verify using your log-files the behavior of your visitor and if necessary change your page.

Or use software to help you analyze log-files. New to this? Feel free to reach out to us.

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