SEO Training Step 1 Preparations

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SEO Training Step 1 Preparations

Make a plan

SEO Step 1 Preparations – Plan how to get better results

To build or maintain a successful website it’s required to have a certain vision in the long run. Submissions will become better in time once they are added in an index of a search engine. Check regularly over a period of a year to see how your website has improved in the index and if your website is found more easily. For this structure we’ve made a plan.


Start your preparations by thinking what kind of content you will provide on your website. Search engines will judge the content of your site so it’s very important to make web-pages of good quality and fill them with relevant information.

Choosing the right domain-name is often one of the first important things to think of when you want to have your own website. If you only put your logo and an address on this page, the search engines probably won’t index or rank your website. A regular website contains of more than 25 pages with “real” content and information.

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