Metatags SEO Free Training - 15 Steps to SEO success

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Metatags SEO Free Training - 15 Steps to SEO success

Metatags SEO Free Training

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Creating meta tags for better search engine optimization ( SEO ) is an accurate job. Some people call it developing meta tags instead of making them. We call it Meta Design! Very often it’s possible to add meta tags in the developing program that you use to make your website. But sometimes there are no options or controllable settings.

Meta tags are hidden in the source of your website. They become visible if you look into the source of your page.

  • IE: View Source
  • FF: Page Source

Meta tags are placed in the HEAD part of the website.

Metatags SEO Free Training

Once you have identified meaningful keywords for your website, an important starting point is to define SEO for all web pages on your site through Global Settings. After this is complete, you should then define SEO at the article, product, and category levels.

You need a simple text editing program like Wordpad or Simpletext to add Meta tags to your website.

Bots and crawlers

Search engines like Google use a type of bot called web crawlers to explore the web and index new content on the search engines. When a web crawler find a new page or a blog post on a website, it scans the page to identify what the page content is about and index them for Google.

Web crawlers don’t see web pages as we do. It only scan the barebones of the web pages and the Header section of a page is the first thing it scans.

Create Metatags

Having the right title and descriptions already placed in the header section makes the job much easier for web crawlers to accurately define the page content. Which ensures that Google get the right information about your web pages, helping you rank well for the right keywords and search phrases.

Remember, no meta tags = no customers visiting your website.

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