Google PageRank score

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Google PageRank score

This is a post from 2015. Google stopped using PageRank. Information is no longer accurate for SEO.
Check here what’s important today.

Do links have any influence on my Google PageRank SEO Score?

First we will explain what the Google Pagerank is and what it does :

The Google PageRank reflects the view of the importance of web pages by an index number on a scale from 1 to 10. Pages that are believed to be important pages receive a higher PageRank and are more likely to appear at the top of the search results.

Actually you can see a link as a vote for your website. Other internet website managers vote for your site because they think your website is worthy to visit. By linking to your website they vote for your site. The more votes you get, the higher your PageRank will be.
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Your PageRank depends on two factors: the number of links to your website and the weight of these links. Just a free link to your website has no value. Every incoming link provides certain points. The higher the PageRank of that page, the more points your website will receive.

After installing the Google Toolbar on your computer you are able to activate the PageRankmeter (Select Options). You are now able to measure the popularity of the sites you visit.

Google PageRank SEO Score

A Toolbar PageRank is not the same as a real PageRank. You may use the following calculation method:

Toolbar PageRank = Real PageRank

0             = 0 – 10
1             = 10 – 100
2             = 100 – 1000
3             = 1000 – 10.000


The Pagerank in the Google toolbar uses the following mathematical formula:

PR(A) = (1-d) + d (PR(T1)/C(T1) + ... + PR(Tn)/C(Tn))

It would be too difficult to explain this formula here but the result of this formula is always a number, the PageRank.
Links to your website can influence your PageRank. But be careful, there is a correct and an incorrect way to link your page.

Links to and from your site

To make it understandable for you we’ve made two simple examples. The numbers shown below are the results of the mathematical formula. The higher the number on your first page, the home page, the better the score and the better your PageRank will be.

Example 1 shows a website with 4 pages. The first home page links to 3 sub pages. From the link page on your website you link to 4 different websites. This may look nice, but it has no influence at all!

In the second example you basically have the same setup but you have several links back to your own website. You now see that your website has a better result, a better PageRank. A good example is PHPbb. This software for forums is free, millions of websites over the whole world use this software and on the bottom of every website you will find a link to They now receive hundreds of thousands of links and they get a higher PageRank.

Leaking PageRank

Try not to leak PageRank on your website. If you wish to add a link but don’t want to loose the search engine robot, always put in the a ref the following extra text :


Now you avoid leaking PageRank.

This is a post from 2015. Google stopped using PageRank. Information is no longer accurate for SEO. Check here what’s important today.