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15 Steps to SEO Success  -  Step 9



SEO Webserver Statistics ! They are very important !Webserver Statistics ! They are very important !

  • who visited your site,
  • what did they find,
  • what did they look for,
  • how long was their visit,
  • how often did they return to your site.

Use a program that does all these things, don't only place a counter. If your provider doesn't support refers, find a provider that does. We can help you with it. Managing a website without referrals can't provide you with the important information you need.



Avoid using a free statistic program with a pop-up menu. It will effect your submission in a negative way.

Statistic programs with clear graphics are handy. You will notice new trends and make the right choice in optimizing your website for the search engines.

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Meta tags Summary - Important SEO things to remember

Keep track of you visitors and study your website statistics.
  1. Read why meta tags are important and how they affect the search engines.
  2. Use our meta tags code generator to create the correct meta tags.
  3. Use our website analyzer to get professional advice from the meta tags experts.
  4. Submit your website to the search engines and choose one of our packages:
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