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15 Steps to SEO Success  -  Step 7

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Now it's time to upload your website. Make sure that a spider of a search engine can crawl through your whole website. All pages must be linked to one another otherwise the spider gets stuck in your website. Always make sure that your visitor can get back to the index-page with one or two mouse clicks.

Your site must be completely finished, if one part is still not finished or under construction some search engines will not list your website. You get only one change for a good first impression with your website!

Make sure your website is always "up". If your company depends on your website, do not choose a budget hosting company.  Because if you pay peanuts get monkey. You probably know those hosting companies. They offer a 99% up-time for a small amount of money. The 99% means that your website will be offline for about 4 days a year. In those four days, all the effort you've put in to rank your site with the search engines is lost because visitors are not able to access your website and click on the link of your competitor.

Choose a professional website hosting company that offers 100% up-time. Your website is worth it!
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Meta tags Summary - Important SEO things to remember

Get your website online and find a provider with 100% up-time.
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