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15 Steps to SEO Success  -  Step 6

Internal,  external,  incoming and outgoing links

Almost everybody has links in it's website to external pages. Search engines value these links between websites. If more people place a link to your website the content of your website becomes apparently more important. These are the so called external links. Don't forget to check these links regularly. If someone asks you to place a link, check if they place your link as well.


Internal links link pages within your website. Make sure that if you put information about e.g. lamps on your website that you place a link to the page with content of lamps. You want the information on your website visited by many different people. Compare your website with a large store, you don't want all the customers at the entrance but you want them on every floor of the store.

It's important to add a statistic program to your website. It provides you with a lot of information. What word did your visitor type in on the search engine and therefor clicked on your website or on what page did your visitor enter your website. If you get a lot of visitors that find your website by typing in a specific keyword of product A on the page that contains information about product B, make sure to place a internal link to the page of product A. Your visitor and the search engine will understand the meaning of this link.  The listing will be much better, your visitors enter your website where they find what they are looking for, so they get less frustrated or leave your website immediately.

We advise you not to use link-farms or free-for-all-links scripts. Placing links is only useful if the link is relevant.

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Create internal and relevant external links on your web-pages.
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