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15 Steps to SEO Success  -  Step 3

Optimize your design

Creating a website is not an easy job to do. What would you like to accomplish with your site or what do you want to offer your visitor? Remember the KiS method, Keep It Simple. You want to provide information so make sure that the information is easy to find.

If you want to provide access to your site to all of your visitors, don't use experimental plug-ins despite the speed of your connection and don't use too flashy plug-ins or other scripting programs.


Don't forget that a search engine prefers normal text instead of image tags and a flash website. Make sure that once a visitor enters your site through a search engine, one must be able to find the information what they are looking for and they must be able to easily surf through your website.

Framesets can be nice to use. Keep in mind that if you use frames it's possible that a search engine spider indexes a frame within your first web-page. It's possible to add a java script that once your visitor enters your site within a frame, he's directly forwarded to your main page. But that was not the page your visitor was looking for in the search engines.  So be very careful with a visitor on your site. Now you have him/her there, try to keep them on your site.

Keep your website updated all of the time, so that the Christmas offers of 2009 are deleted in time.

Look at the main page of the search engine Google; it's clean and simple, just what the visitors prefer.

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