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15 Steps to SEO Success  -  Step 15

After six months

Check your submissions and where needed, return to step 8: submit your website again.

Don't forget: work regularly on your site. Compare it to a normal shop, clean it every day, new articles on the shelves, paint your shop of redecorate it.

Carry this though your website, keep working on the content on your site. If you still have no luck submitting your site or you don't have the time, let us help you. Do the things you're good at and let us help you with submitting your site to the search engines.

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Meta tags Summary - Important SEO things to remember

Optimizing your website is a constant process.
  1. Read why meta tags are important and how they affect the search engines.
  2. Use our meta tags code generator to create the correct meta tags.
  3. Use our website analyzer to get professional advice from the meta tags experts.
  4. Submit your website to the search engines and choose one of our packages:
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