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15 Steps to SEO Success  -  Step 11

Maintenance - Keep your website up-to-date every day

Go back to step 5 and keep repeating this, try to add a new item or page with new content every day. Don't keep a journal but put relevant content on your website. Having trouble writing new text? Hire a textwriter who can help you. Make a plan, what would you like to add this week, or next month? And what will you do next year. Take a look at newssites. Every day new pages and new content.

Keep it simple, like the example below. Use enters,

  • make lists
  1. subject A
  2. subject B

Read a book how people read, fast read, cross read. Keep it simple, keep it clear. Make titles, make a piece of text bold, it will hold your readers attention for a minute. Use a clear color-setting. Don't use strange or unknown fonts.

Unless you are a graphic designer who will show that you can handle all techniques, don't use to many features. Remember that a website of a well-know pop artist maybe contains some flash, but that this flash feature is very small and developed by professionals. Unbeatable by you, for you miss the skills and the equipment.


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Metatags Summary - Important SEO things to remember

Keep your website up-to-date every day.
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