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15 Steps to SEO Success - Step 10

Spiders and robots

Spiders will begin to visit your website. Spiders are robots of search engines that index your website fully automatically. You can find a list of these spiders on our web-page. Check if it's possible for a spider to crawl your whole site. If a spider gets stuck somewhere in your website, place a new internal link and wait for the spider to visit your website again.

It's possible that a spider of Google or Fast visits your site twice before it lists your website. Keep your patience and don't submit your website again.

Well known bots are :
Yahoo Slurp, Googlebot, Bing-Bot, LinkWalker, Alexa, Ask and Voila

Please continue with Step 11 Maintenance Keep your website up-to-date every dayStep 11 Maintenance Keep your website up-to-date every day


Meta tags Summary - Important SEO things to remember

Is your website ready for search engine spiders and robots?
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